A lot of attention on my blog from anti-feminists.

Incidentally, I’m fascinated by anti-feminists and their post-feminist views. 

I’ve been advertising on Twitter for some time now, for an individual against feminism to discuss my views with.

Not one anti-feminist I’ve conversed with has been able to back up their argument with real statistics and facts. 

If you’re opposed to feminism, and you have some figures to tell me why the world doesn’t need feminism in 2014. Please, please contact me.


  • Evidence that women are paid the same as men.
  • Evidence that men and women are entitled to the same rights. (It’s not in the American constitution so don’t check there, I already have)
  • Evidence that men are granted the same custodial rights to their children as women.
  • Evidence that women are portrayed in the media as professionals, and not victims or sex objects.
  • Evidence that female genital mutilation does not happen. (Spoiler alert: it does)
  • Evidence that gendercide against baby girls does not happen in China. (Double spoiler: it also does)
  • Evidence that the fight for gender equality is unnecessary and/or detrimental to society.
  • Evidence that women, worldwide, are entitled to education. 
  • Evidence that women, worldwide, are entitled to drive.
  • Evidence that women, worldwide, are entitled to vote.

If you’d like to contact me with a more in depth response, (which I am more than open to), please send me an ask and I’ll provide you with my email address.